Required Vaccinations


  • Kennel Complex - Bordatella, Parainfluenza, and Adnovirus in the nose.
  • Rabies (Either 1 or 3 years accepted)
  • DHLPP (Either 1 or 3 years accepted)

High Recommended

  • Bivalent Canine Flu (Both H3N2 and H3N8 vaccines)


  • Rabies

Highly recommended

  • Feline Leukemia

Further Information
DHLPP covers canine distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parainfluenza and parvovirus.

CIRD AKA Canine Cough - We require your dog's kennel vaccine be one that is a combination of Parainfluenze, Adnovirus and Bordatella all in one vaccine given intra-nasally.  An Example would be Bronchi-Shield lll or Nobivac Intra-Trac 3.  The intra-nasal application has been proven to be significantly more effective against preventing recent outbreaks of Parainfluenza and Adnovirus type 2. (The static is 99% containable)  In light of the fact that we had a recent outbreak of Parainfluenza (Fall of 2017) and all dogs were vaccinated inject-ably and yet 90% got parainfluenza, it has been an overnight success in eradicating the building of parainfluenza by requiring the change in vaccine.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but please know that we are looking out the health of your dog!

Bivalent Canine Flu: Canine flu is a relatively new canine disease in the U.S. that started in the East Coast and Mid-West and is slowly moving west. There are two strains and dogs do not have any immunity before their first exposure. The first confirmed cases in Montana area occurred in Summer of 2018 and it is highly contagious. Since it is so new to the area, we are now requiring bivalent flu vaccine.

Vaccine Effectiveness: The canine flu and the kennel cough vaccines may reduce the severity of the illnesses and may reduce but will not eliminate the possibility of a dog catching either canine flu or kennel cough. With both illnesses, dogs are contagious for two or three days before showing any symptoms so detection of contagious dogs prior to arrival cannot be assured.