Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What should I bring with my pets?

Current Vaccinations with due dates if not already submitted - a screen shot on your phone is fine

Food a hard side container - we appreciate if it's premeasured but please bring extra!

Medications in their original containers

Bedding is optional as we have lots! If you would like to bring bedding, please be sure it is not "priceless" as it doesn't always make it home.  Imgaine a daycare full of children who have scissors in their mouths.

Dishes It is our preference to use our stainless steel dishes that we santize daily.  If you pet requires a raised feeder or slow feeder, we welcome them.

Toys We welcome toys but they do run a risk of being lost as dogs pay attention to what their friend's have and may try to steal or tug.

Leashes & Collars are removed at check-in and retruned to you.  We put a tape collar on each admission for identification that will break under pressure eliminating stangulation risks.



Do you offer pickup & delivery?

Yes, but this is done on a custom basis as per situation and distance.  Please ask for a quote if you are needing these services.

What happens if my pet needs to see a Veterinarian?

Should your pet need medical attention, we try to use your preferred Veterinarian, but in the event they are not available, we will seek Veterinary Care that is expediant.  Most incidents are not emergencies so we will call and discuss with you, the owner, if you have cell phone access.