Powell Services

Welcome to our Dog & Cat Ranch Resort located in Powell, Wyoming.

Welcome to the Bed & Biscuits of Powell!  We are here to help you offer your pet a safe and amazing experience while in our care.  Our dogs tell us we are doing 5* work and we do not want to disappoint!

We believe in custom pet boarding as no two pets are alike!  We ask you to fill out a profile (click on "Book Now") for each of your pets online or with the help of a staff member and with the information provided,  we work to make a boarding experience like no other.

The key elements to this success is by listening to our customers and adapting to their pet's needs.  As we all know about meeting the needs of our pets involves plentiful "out of the bunk house" time, careful socialization (if your pet enjoys that kind of thing), crazy amazing staff to not only perform daily care but pay attention to your pet's needs and get to know their personalities, and strict policies on cleaning, vaccinations, feeding and medications administration to help us accomplish our mission.

In addition to kennels and condos, our facilites offers 3 large play yards, and an indoor playroom, as well as a self-service grooming station.

We also offer invigorating exercise and pamper packages as well as room services and free photo texting.  We hope you'll let us spend time with your furry kids!



Full Day—$ 25

Tons of just being a dog among his own kind—Here is where dogs have their day—play, fetching, wading in kiddie pools, running like wolves (no aggression allowed), nap time and having a doggone good time.

Half Day- $ 16

8 to Noon. Same as full day minus nap time.

Pre-Paid Daycare Packages

10 Punches - $ 220

20 Punches - $ 420

30 Punches - $ 600

10 Half Day Punches - $ 140

 Luxury Boarding:

All of our kennels are designed for creature comfort.  All kennels provide a climate controlled environment, open vision lines, comfortable Kuranda bed where we add additional bedding and toys for enrichment.  These serve as bedroom.  The fun happens in our courtyards and Indoor Plaroom.

CCBB Powell Kennels photo

Clean, spacious and cozy for our guests!

1 Dog—$30/Day
2 Dogs—$55/Total
3 Dogs—$75/Total


Dog Powell 3
CCBB Powell Kennels 2
Dog Powell 5

Little Dog Villa

Our little villa is a spacious free roam room with comforts of soft bedding, open crates, plush toys, and plenty of fresh water. This area is limited to dogs under 20 lbs with lower energy levels. Many terriers are not permitted in the little dog area if they are higher drive or more rambunctious. This option is fabulous for small dogs who are only children at home and enjoy the companionship of others when their family is away.

1 Dog—$ 20
2 Dogs—$ 35

CCBB Powell Kennels 7

A typical day at the Bed & Biscuit in Powell


CCBB Powell Court Yard 2
CCBB Powell Kennels 5

Luxury Cat Condos

Kitty Condos are spacious three tried cat condos in a sunny room with large windows and shelf for sitting in the morning sun. All kitties also take turns roaming free in our warm sun room.

1st Cat—$XX/Day
2nd Cat—$XX/Total

Room Service Options

Ranch Kong

Classic Puppicciano - $3

Whipped Cream Puppuccino with scrumptious biscuits delivered to their den! A generous serving of smooth whipped cream topped with several tasty dog biscuit (or Temptations for the Kitties)

Mountain Paws Frozen Treat - $3

We pulled out the stops on this one.  We freeze yogurt & pumpkin into cubes and pair them with frozen baby carrots and blueberries.  Our taste testers went WILD!

Ranch Kong - $3

This is the enrichment Kong of the year!  We stuff these kongs with a healthy serving on Peanut Butter & Carrots and then frozen to extend the time these treats are enjoyed!

Fish 'n Chips - $3

This is a new spin on our traditional Tuna on a Ritz.  Same great tuna but now accompanied by some tasty dog biscuits.

Chicken 'n Biscuits - $3

Warmed Grilled chicken topped with biscuits.  We’ve never had a dog say “No” to this one! It really is the envy of the kennel.

The Hungry Dog Breakfast - $3

Traditional Scrambled Farm Fresh Eggs, Sprinkled in Hickory Smoked Bacon Bits and Plated with Wholesome Dog Biscuits

Fish n chips


Simply add a package to make your stay even more enjoyable.

Cuddle Package

$ 15

Just what you'd imagine.  Your pup will be given a mid-morning room service of scrambled eggs and toast, followed by a soothing facial massage and some gentle cuddle time and then left with a much needed peanut butter Kong Toy to settle for a nap.

Pamper Pup Package

$ 20

Just like our famous Cuddle Package, your pup will receive a relaxing facial massage, extra one-on-one cuddle time, scrambled eggs and biscuits and a peanut butter stuffed kong.  With the Pampered Pup, we also take them on an invigorating nature hike during their day.

Farm Dog Package

$ 22

Let that pup engage in evening feeding & watering our livestock: Animals they will encounter include pigs, goats, chickens, geese, ponies and the pet donkey. They will also enjoy checking the pasture and irrigating. We will top off the experience with a Farm Fresh scrambled egg daily.


Self Service Dog Wash: $ 15

You clean your pet, and we clean up the mess! We provide clean, fluffy towels, lavender-scented shampoo, hot water, high velocity blower and bathing. $15

We sell packages at a discount!

Dog Powell 7