Basic Boarding:

Includes multiple play sessions in one of our 12 exterior court yards, comfortable/clean blankets, feeding (dishes included) and administering of medications as provided by you. We encourage you to bring your dog’s own food from home, however, if not we will provide Canidae ALS which is an excellent kibble. All kibble should be portioned and marked with Pet’s name.


Full Day—$25/day

Tons of just being a dog among his own kind—Here is where dogs have their day—play, fetching, wading in kiddie pools, running like wolves (no aggression allowed), nap time and having a doggone good time.

Half Day- $16/day

8 to Noon. Same as full day minus nap time.

Day School—$30/day

This is where your pup enjoys a crazy fun time in day-care and then goes into our indoor classroom for some private professional training to help achieve good manners. ($35 value)


Comfort Kennel

56 sq. feet of interior space in an open air atrium coupled with a nesting box, furnished with fresh fluffy blankets. They are cleaned and sanitized daily. BOOK NOW
1st Dog—$30/Day
2nd Dog—$55/Total
3rd Dog—$75/Total


Luxury Suite

Our suites are larger and separate from comfort kennels for more privacy. Suites are a 49 sq. foot interior room with a 70 sq. foot at-tached exterior run. Kuranda beds are included for this option.
1st Dog- $32/Day
2nd Dog—$59/Total
3rd Dog—$81/Total


Pool Side Studios

Our studios are our newest kennels and have a very nice exterior ambiance with mature pine trees and grass. Interior rooms are across from our salt water fitness pool and lounge area. These rooms are 35 square feet indoors and 40 square feet out and also supplied with kuranda beds. BOOK NOW
1st Dog—$34/Day
2nd Dog—$61/Total
3rd Dog—$87/Total


Little Dog Condos

Our little dog area is a spacious free roam room with both indoor comforts of soft bedding, open crates, plush toys, and plenty of fresh water and an outdoor space offering limitless fresh air, extremely tight fencing designed specifically for our little ones, dog houses, and stepping stones. Our little guests can come and go freely between both enclosures. This area is limited to dogs under 20 lbs with lower energy levels. Many terriers are not permitted in the little dog area if they are higher drive or more rambunctious. This option is fabulous for small dogs who are only children at home and enjoy the companionship of others when their family is away.

1st Dog—$25
2nd Dog—$20

Luxury Cat Condos

Kitty Condos are spacious three tried cat condos in a sunny room with large windows and shelf for sitting in the morning sun. All kitties also take turns roaming free in our warm sun room.

1st Cat—$20/Day
2nd Cat—$35/Total

Room Service Options

  • Cottage Cheese and Toast $2
  • Scrambled Eggs and Toast $3
  • Tuna on Ritz Crackers $2
  • Milk and Cookies $3
  • Ice Cream and a Biscuit $3
  • Holiday Meal $5
  • Peanut Butter Stuffed Kong Toy $2 (dogs or cats)
  • Catnip Toy for our kitties only! (We do not need dogs running around on cat-nip!)
  • Simple Bath—$20 and up—A nice warm bath before headed home (this is not a full groom—please ask about other services such an nail trims, facial scrubs, enzymatic teeth cleaning, henna tattoos, etc.)

Next Steps...

Call us to book your room at 307-587-1073 or simply click the button and book online.


Simply add a package to make your stay even more enjoyable.

Basic Cuddle


  • Mid Morning Treat from the Room Service Menu
  • PB filled Kong
  • 5 mins. cuddle time at night with Facial Massage ($12.50 value)

Total Spa Package


  • Basic Cuddle Upgrades
  • + invigorating Nature Walks Daily ($22 value)

Field & Stream Package


  • Daily Field Hike
  • Cool Water Retrieving in our Salt Water Pool complete with a trail snack.  (Your choice off the room service menu)

Farm Dog Package


Let that pup engage in evening feeding & watering our livestock.

  • Animals they will encounter include pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, geese, ponies and the pet donkey.
  • They will also enjoy checking the pasture and irrigating.
  • We will top off the experience with a Farm Fresh scrambled egg daily.
  • Want more:  For $30 extra, we will let your pup try it’s hand at herding sheep.  Please ask for details and possible risks involved in this rugged adventure.

Next Steps...

Call us to book your room at 307-587-1073 or simply click the button and book online.

Training Classes

Training Classes, private lessons and full board and train options available here through 307HappyDog Training. Please contact Sabine Born at 307-272-9762.

Fitness Pool:

  • Pool Rental for P/T—$30/session—no canine lifeguard on duty!
  • Fitness Swim with up to three dogs (Bumpers thrown)—$12/session
  • Private Swimming Lesson—$30/session
  • Pool Time during Boarding or Daycare—$5/canine lifeguard on duty—life jackets recommended—can be purchased through Amazon—we have some available but subject to sizing
  • Pool Party—$50/hour—canine lifeguard and doggie snacks provided for up to 5 dogs

Grooming Services

  • Full Groom—$38 and up depending on size, coat type, coat condi-tion, etc. All Grooms include nail trimming and smoothing, anal glands, and ear cleaning.
  • Bath and Brush—$25 and up—this is most specifically designed for short coated/wash and wear dogs. It is also an in-between full groom option. All Grooms include nail trimming and smoothing, anal glands, and ear cleaning.
  • Refreshing Bath—$15 and up—this option is for the boarding dog who needs a little sprucing up before headed home!

Extra Fun Grooming Services:

  • Blue Berry Facial Scrub—$8
  • Henna Tatoo—$8
  • Nail Polishing—$8
  • Enzymatic Teeth Cleaning—$14
  • Express Nail Trimming and Smoothing—$12

Self Service Dog Wash:

You clean your pet, we clean up the mess! We provide clean fluffy towels, lavender scented shampoo, hand tools, hot water and two bathing options—a large stainless steel tub and a walk in shower.

  • The Light Weight—$9—up to 20 pounds
  • The Middle Weight—$12—20—80 pounds
  • The Heavy Weight—$15—80 pounds and over (Yes, miniature horses are fine)